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Since his first radio gig at KVWM in Show Low, Arizona in 1971, Blair has travelled & camped(in author John Steinbeck's Travels With Charley style) through most the continental USA, British Columbia, Yukon & Alaska... sailing  the Hawaiian Islands in 1974...roaming Kenya in 1986 for 2 weeks. During a stint in the U.S. Navy, the Mediterranean lands of Spain, Italy, Turkey and Egypt were explored, (besides 6 weeks at Beirut Harbor in 1983 onboard the USS Farragut DDG-37). 100 year old Sedona author G. Iris Clark camped with him at the Grand Tetons, Wyoming, during the 1996 power blackout that blanketed 9 western states.
Radio production was a major duty for 10 years at Unity Church of Dallas (1987-1997), all the while coordinating and recording live events that included Dee Pak Chopra, Whitley Strieber, Wayne Dyer, Graham Hancock, Dr. John Gray, Gregg Braden & Marianne Williamson. Dined with Apollo 14's Dr. Edgar Mitchell in 1999.
Since 1999 Blair has provided off-road jeep tours in the red rock country of Sedona, Arizona, with periods of sales & production at both KAZM AM & KLOD FM(100.1 FM The CAT). A January 2002 encounter with Dr. James Martin Peebles (1822-1922), via local trance medium Summer Bacon(,  has been followed by a number of serendipitous  call-ins to Coast To Coast AM.
Notable Coast To Coast AM call-ins since 2003 include a discussion with ArtBell  about Dr. Steven Greer's  government disclosure project in August 2004, and Blair's 1996 witnessing a 'dripping liquid light' in the night sky at the Grand Tetons reported to George Noory in October 2006. Below is a 35mm photo taken by Blair during a Sedona off-road jeep tour in 2000: a black and white disc-like 'object' with a light blue 'electric light' that appears to loop around just below, then travel down in front of the cloud. 
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.Chichen Itza  Jan. 2010